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An international source & information guide to fabric & textiles. Search into database for numerous wholesale fabrics, home décor fabric, apparel & fashion fabrics, quilting and sewing fabric and the perfect result for you with location, phone numbers and links to their websites. Find good designers for your fabrics, outlet stores, retail and wholesale distributors. Read about drapery lining, materials used like for clothes like cotton, silk, winter fleece, denim and suppliers, and read about sewing and needlework. Find goods stores for clothes, gifts and other crafts. Submit your own link and description if you represent a wholesale fabric of textiles.

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Rayon Fabric Basics

A lot of us must have been hearing of the fabric called rayon. It had been around for quite a while now and in all fairness it had been able to gain its own measure of popularity in the fabric industry and clothing products.

Rayon can be described as a very soft and very comfortable fabric that can absorb well. It has few statics and doesn’t give much of pilling problems. It was invented 1884 in France. Before it got called by its present name it was formerly called artificial silk, or sometimes as wood silk. The reason why it was called wood silk was because it was made from tree cellulose.

This old name persisted till 1924; it wasn’t until then did the name changed permanently to rayon. One thing that makes rayon more comfortable than other synthetic fabric is its ability to absorb water. One uncomfortable part to rayon is its shrinking problem.

The original intention of the manufacturers of rayon was to make it a total replacement for silk. Though this high dream is yet to be achieved, there is constant research going on to make rayon what the researchers want it to be.

Rayon products are of two types in the market today; they are the dry clean only type and the washable rayon fabrics. There is not much difference in these two types. The only thing that brings about difference in the two types of rayon is the different finishing stages that they have. Most people who make use of rayon fabrics rarely notice the difference. So for you to know the type of rayon fabric you are buying, you will do yourself a whole lot of good by checking the label of the material.

By all standards, Rayon is a very great fabric, it is widely used for making women's dresses and other clothing. It has various characteristics that make it one of the best materials ever discovered by man, but there is great possibility of its being ruined if it is not carefully handled in the way of giving rapt attention and priority to the instruction on the care label.

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